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The NIC DATA pillar of activity seeks to implement and develop Big Bata and Artificial Intelligence projects, with the primary aim of managing and ensuring the responsible use of the data of the socio-health system of Biscay and of generating collaboration projects as a response to the needs of the elderly.

Open Innovation challenge

What strategies could be used to minimise the risk of unwanted admissions of dependent persons and improve their quality of life and that of the non-professional caregivers who look after them?

This challenge addresses the need to identify intervention proposals and healthcare and/or community strategies to prevent and minimise the risk of the unwanted institutionalisation of dependent persons who are cared for at home, improving their quality of life and that of the non-professional carers who look after them and care for them.

For this purpose, the Department of Social Action, within the framework of this open innovation challenge, is making available to the participating organisations a dataset with fictitious data as a tool to make innovation proposals that can respond to the objective of this challenge.

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