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The road BI-3732, known more familiarly as “the road to the nurseries”, or “Vivero”, towards the north of Bilbao, runs the length of a long slope. Practically all the municipalities found scattered over the lower slopes of these small mountains have access to their upper reaches. The leisure and recreation area is situated at km number 11 along this road, to the foot of the peak of Mount Ganguren and alongside the buildings belonging to the Regional Government of Bizkaia’s Forest Rangers.

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  • Elorritxueta (El Vivero) is one of the more spacious and better-equipped areas in Bizkaia. In this way, the area tries to meet the demand for leisure and recreation areas that are so necessary for such densely populated areas, such as Bilbao and its surroundings.
  • The different types of trees, morphology of the terrain and small access paths help divide the area into different sections, some of which are covered in American oaks, others are scattered between thick cypresses or in the deep shade of pine groves, whereas the remainder of the area consists of rolling, open, sunny fields.
  • The facilities are rounded off with a small bar with public toilets. We can take a pleasant stroll along the entire perimeter of the area housing the different facilities. It has a skating area, indoor soccer and basket ball fields, bowling alley, pelota courts and a wide parking area. The facilities have a small bar with clean toilets.

El Cinturón de Hierro (The Iron Belt)

Picnic Spot

A wide gravel path starts to ascend from the left-hand side of the pelota courts until it reaches the crest of a small, shrub-covered hillock.

Amidst the thick broom growing everywhere in this spot, we will easily find several concrete buildings; these are the remains of the old “Iron Belt” installations that were constructed during the Spanish Civil War. Even today, we can still make out the machine-gun posts and the spots where cannon were placed.

The entire hill is riddled with tunnels that used to link different military positions, permitting rapid troop movement from one position to another without them running the danger of being bombed.

Bearing in mind the magnificent views we can enjoy from this privileged spot, it should come as no surprise to learn that the area was chosen as a military location, given its unbeatable strategic position.

Mount Ganguren


Mount Ganguren is the highest mount on this small mountain range running to the north of the Bocho (nickname for Bilbao) and separating it from the Txorierri district. We shall start out from the highest part of the area above the parking lot and cross the Lezama road.

A wide earth track ascends between plantations of pine, eucalyptus and recently planted beech trees that, thanks to their youth and their low height, permit us to savour excellent views during our trip.

At the highest spot, we shall find a beautiful patch of wild pines that barely hides the numerous antennae erected on the summit.

We shall take the road leading to the communication installations and walk between the buildings until finding the path that will lead us through the undergrowth to the hopper head crowning the peak.

Before our eyes, we shall see fabulous panoramic views that extend as far as the Abra rivermouth.

Artxanda and El Vivero


Artxanda is rather more than just a green hill rising towards the north of the city: it is the Bocho’s (nickname for Bilbao) biggest park, the very lungs of the congested metropolis of Bilbao.

Whether by car, bike, running, funicular railway or on foot, thousands of inhabitants from Bilbao visit this verdant countryside daily in their quest for a leisure and recreation area. For this reason, Mount Artxanda is equipped with all those services necessary to meet the demands of the great city’s inhabitants: a municipal sports arena, restaurants, gardens, sightseeing balconies, snack areas, swings, …

A long slope extends from Artxanda towards the east along Mounts Avril and Ganguren. The Vivero Road, or “road to the nurseries”, travels the length of this rolling hillside linking the different leisure and recreation areas and those pleasant corners in which we might spend a pleasant day in the company of Mother Nature, far away from the hustle and bustle of the great city. The rolling slopes spreading out on both sides of the road have recently been replanted with large numbers of autocthonous trees in order to recover the natural appearance of the surrounding countryside.