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Kobie Journal first came out in 1969 under the sponsorship and protection of the Regional Government of Biscay, as a news bulletin edited by the Speleology Group of Biscay. With this bulletin it was established a new editorial policy, headed by Nestor de Goicoetxea y Gandiaga. This policy favoured the diffusion of issues related to Geomorphology, Hydrology, Prehistory or Archaeology and it was followed until 1984, publishing an issue every year. Years later, due to the many followers the journal had, it was decided to break down the issues into two sections: Palaeoanthropology (from 1985 onwards) and Natural Science (from 1985 to 1995) and two new sections were added: Fine Arts (from 1983 to 2001) and Cultural Anthropology (from 1987 onwards). All these changes were supervised by Ernesto Nolte y Aramburu. This new situation remained until 2009, when Kobie became the property of the Regional Government of Biscay and it started to be directly managed by the Cultural Heritage Service.

From 2010 onwards, Kobie Journal has started a new stage, improving those aspects that could have become outdated and including innovations to make the looking up of contents faster. In that sense, from the 2013 edition onwards, readers can access all the sections and case studies of Kobie Journal in the following web:

We don’t want to finish this presentation without thanking to the Managers and Editorial Board of Kobie Journal for their hard work for more than four decades. Without their effort and perseverance this new stage of the journal wouldn’t have been possible.

In the same way, we must give thanks for their loyalty to all the authors that have collaborated with Kobie Journal throughout the years and also, of course, to all the readers. They are, in the end, who have made possible this project.

Josune Ariztondo Akarregi
Member of the Regional Government, responsible for the Culture department.