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Looking for a term in the thesaurus



How to perform a search

You can look for a descriptor or a non-descriptor using an expression, a term or part of a term. Enter the term(s) in the singular, then click on "Search".

You will then either get the descriptor directly with its semantic relationships, or be given a list of all the descriptors and non-descriptors that contain the expression you entered. In this list you can then select a descriptor to see its semantic relationships: microthesaurus, scope note, non-descriptors, broader and narrower terms and associative relationship(s).


extract from the list of descriptors and non-descriptors containing the term "mark"

  • mark
  • trademark
  • Community trademark
    USE European trademark
  • European compliance mark
    USE EU compliance mark
  • Quality mark

Practical tips

  • Enter the term(s) in the singular.
  • If your search is unsuccessful, try with a single term or a synonym.
  • If this still produces no results, try a search by subject by clicking on the option "navigation".