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Santimamiñe 100 years (1916-2016)


seminars and exhibitions

  •  18 and 19 April

    SEMINARS. 2nd Paleolithic art competition. UNESCO world heritage. Morga, Kortezubi, Forua y Arratzu.

    Seminars dedicated to discovering the winning works of the competition with primary school (comic) and secondary school (video) students inspired by Palaeolithic art. Visits to the main archaeological sites in Urdaibai; the Santimamiñe cave (Kortezubi), the oppidum of Arrola (Arratzu) and the Roman town of Forua.

  •  April 21 to August 14

    TEMPORARY EXHIBITION. Arte de las cuevas. Un arte contemporáneo (Cave Art. A Contemporary Art) by Maximina Espeso.

     Arkeologi Museoa (Museum of Archaeology). Bilbao. Bilbao

    Monographic exhibition on the author’s creations, inspired by Palaeolithic art.

  •  May 5.

    PRESENTATION. Santimamiñe Programme 2016. Centenary

     Provincial Library. Bilbao.

  •  May 28

    SEMINARS. 2nd speleology and cultural heritage seminar.

    Seminar dedicated to publicising findings and new explorations in relation to cultural heritage in caves.

     Ondare Aretoa, María Díaz de Haro Nº11, Bilbao.

    "La espeleología y el arte de la observación"(Speleology and the art of observation), Gotzon Aranzabal Gaztelu, ADES Espeleologia Elkartea.
    "Evidencias arqueológicas relacionadas con el arte paleolítico", ("Archaeological evidence related to Palaeolithic art") Juan Carlos López Quintana, AGIRI Arkeologi Elkartea.
    "Abriendo la caja de Pandora: un año de prospección interdisciplinar sobre el arte parietal paleolítico" ("Opening Pandoras Box: a year of interdisciplinary prospecting on Paleolithic parietal art") Diego Garate Maidagan, Arkeologi Museoa.
    Practical workshop on identifying palaeolithic engravings aimed at speleologists and art scholars (Berriatua).
  •  18 de junio

    Lecture and guided tour.

     Kortezubi Town Council and Santimamiñe Cave.

    "Nuevas intervenciones en Santimamiñe: 100 años después del descubrimiento", ("New operations in Santimamiñe: 100 years after discovery") Juan Carlos López Quintana. Director of archaeological research.
    Guided visit to the cave by the archaeologist Juan Carlos López Quintana to discuss the archaeological findings on site.
  •  June 25

    SEMINAR. Santimamiñe 2016. Towards a measurable and sustainable management model.

     Museum of the Basque Country. Guernica.

    "El proceso de elaboración del modelo de gestión de Santimamiñe como oportunidad y reto" ("The process of preparing the Santimamiñe management model as an opportunity and challenge"). Mikel Unzueta Portilla, Bizkaikoa.
    "Reconocimiento de la situación ambiental de la cueva y su diagnóstico" (Recognising the environmental situation of the cave and its diagnosis) by José Antonio Zuazo, CRN
    "Revisión y nuevas expectativas del yacimiento arqueológico" (Review and new expectations of the archaeological site) Juan Carlos López Quintana, AGIRI Arkeologia Elkartea.
    "Santimamiñe: Ampliación y precisión del registro iconográfico". (Santimamiñe: expansion and accuracy of the iconographic record) César González Sainz. University of Cantabria.
    Guided visit to the cave by Juan Carlos López Quintana, director of archaeological research.
  •  July 23

    SEMINAR. "Santimamiñe. One hundred years enjoying its heritage."

     Free admission.

    Cinema at Santimamiñe and guided tours.
    Childrens programme. Treasure hunt: "Looking for the cave".
    Evening-night: Demonstration of techniques of making fire.
    Ascent to the cave with torches.
    Concert at the mouth of the cave: "The sounds of prehistory".
  •  October 27 to January 29

    TEMPORARY EXHIBITION. 2016 AD. The Palaeolithic. October 2016 to January 2017.

     Rekalde Aretoa. Alda Rekalde nº 30, Bilbao.

    Exhibition introducing the Palaeolithic art of Biscay in new computer formats (3D) and establishing its aesthetic and morphological link with contemporary art.

  •  October 20 and 21

    WORKSHOP. Methods and techniques for studying palaeolithic art.

     Ondare Aretoa, María Díaz de Haro nº 11, Bilbao.

    Scientific meeting with the participation of more than 14 specialised speakers on the Palaeolithic art of Europe, looking to create and share research methodology aimed at the study, preservation and dissemination of prehistoric art. Round tables by topics.

activities and workshops

Arkeologi museoa (Museum of Archaeology)
Family Workshops

Every Sunday in June (11:30 am.): Artists in Prehistory.

  •  May 14


    Demonstration and guided tour. Night of Museums.

  •  May 15


    Special guests with entertainment.

     Free admission.

  •  June 12

    12:00pm. Creative workshop.

    What is a Stratigraphic section?

  •  July 10

    12:00pm. Workshop.

    Santimamiñe through the senses.

  •  August 21

    12:00pm. Childrens programme. Scientific workshop.

    Scientific measurements. (compass, anemometer, thermometer, map...).

  •  September 11

    12:00pm. Childrens programme. Treasure hunt workshop.

    In search of the treasures of Santimamiñe.

book issues

  • Issue of the workshop monograph "Métodos y técnicas para el estudio del arte Paleolítico" (Methods and techniques for studying Palaeolithic art).

    Issue of the monograph in the magazine Kobie 2016.

  • Issue of the monograph "Arte Paleolítico en Bizkaia" (Palaeolithic art in Biscay).

    Issue of the monograph in the magazine Kobie 2016.


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