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Woodwardia Radicans in the Ordunte Mountains

Woodwardia radicans

Sub-tropical fern, typical of the Macaronesia islands and western Europe, where there is an Atlantic distribution. One of the best examples of this rare fern in Europe is to be found in the Basque Autonomous Community and Navarra. It grows in the nooks that form in siliceous ravines, in damp and very sheltered settings, at an altitude of between 30 and 500 metres.

Its populations are usually very small and are confined to very specific habitats. In general, these areas are often subject to intensive forestry practices, which lead to changes to the stream beds and possible loss of the populations. Around twenty sites where this fern is present are known in the BAC.

In the Ordunte SCI (Site of Community Interest), it is cited in the River Bernales ravine, in a shady area where three population groups have been found, one of which has more than 150 fronds.

Trichomanes speciosum

Fern with an Atlantic and Macaronesia distribution, and its known eastern limit is in Gipuzkoa. It grows on sheltered and shady banks, in ravines with constant humidity and mild temperatures. Seventeen sites have been found in the BAC, all of them on the Atlantic slope and the majority in Bizkaia.

In the Ordunte SCI, it is cited in the River Bernales, even though the population is very small, covering a tiny area and around 50 fronds.

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