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The main objective of the Sustainable Ordunte LIFE+ project is to maintain and restore the favourable conservation status of habitats and species of Community importance in the Ordunte Mountains in the long term, while addressing the socio-economic needs of the zone by means of the sustainable management of its resources.

The restoration of an exceptional and unique habitat such as the blanket bog, the livestock management guidelines for the sustainable use of the pastureland, the recovery of the natural woodlands and the promoting of the public use of the area are the aspects that are going to be fostered as home-grown elements for the socio-economic development of the zone.

  • Las Lagunas el Hayal beech grove (Pando)
  • Cows grazing in the Sierra de Ordunte mountain ranges
  • Stream in the Ordunte Mountains

Thus, the Sustainable Ordunte LIFE+ project will seek to:

  • Progress in the restoration of the Zalama blanket bog (7130* habitat), by means of stabilising its perimeter zones, the replanting of the exposed bank and the correction of certain impacts on the channels where water runs off.
  • Protect the sphagnum moss mires (7140 habitat) of the Salduero-Pozonegro pasturelands, in a compatible way with the local livestock farming.
  • Recover the potential occupation area of the acidophilic beech, by means of eliminating pine and eucalyptus trees with less production use.
  • Improve the structural complexity of the Pyrenean oak groves and their resilience, by fostering the passage from "scrubland" to more open "selection forest", with high and vigorous trees, different age classes and seed regeneration.
  • Encourage the natural recovery of the riverbank alder groves by eliminating pine trees from the banks, according to the needs of each stretch.
  • Locate and create an inventory of populations of the Woodwardia radicans y Trichomanes speciosum Paleo-tropical ferns of community interest to be found in the Ordunte SCI (Site of Community Interest), thus establishing the basic criteria to restore and maintain their habitat.
  • Foster the public use of the area to contribute to the socio-economic development of the zone, in ways compatible with the conservation of the natural resources of the SCI.
  • Inform and raise awareness of the specific collectives related to the Ordunte SCI and society in general about the natural values of the location and what is involved in becoming part of the Natura 2000 network.
  • Foster the showcase of the habitats of community interest of the Ordunte SCI, specifically the wooded areas and the bogs and peat bogs, by means of coming into contact and working together with different experts.
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