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Sustainable Ordunte LIFE+



The European Commission receives the final report on the Life+ Sustainable Ordunte project

This week the Final Report on the Life+ Sustainable Ordunte project, listing all of the actions and results of the 5 years of work carried out on the project.

This closes the actual work on LIFE+ Sustainable Ordunte and opens the period of execution of the post-LIFE conservation plan, the commitments of which will be developed over the coming years.


Final workshops for the LIFE+ Sustainable Ordunte project

The LIFE+ Sustainable Ordunte project has completed its work fulfilling the pre-defined objectives. The project has improved the natural condition of this Special Conservation Area (Spanish abbr ZEC), ensuring that these mountains continue to offer the goods and services of a well-conserved environment.

This LIFE+, which has had a budget of €2.5 million, financed by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the European Union, concludes after five years with the holding of some workshops to share the experiences and knowledge gained during its execution. Within the framework of these workshops, which took place last Wednesday, 13 December, in Bilbao and Thursday, 14 December, in Montes de Ordunte, the results were presented in sessions on the LIFE+ themes and some of the initiatives carried out in Ordunte were visited.

Achievements of LIFE+ Sustainable Ordunte (199 KB)




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Layman’s report

Layman´s report (5.384 KB)

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Unidad didáctica Ordunte Sostenible

Sustainable Ordunte teaching unit

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Project datasheet

Sustainable Ordunte LIFE+. Sustainable management of the Ordunte SCI (Site of Community Interest) for the natural conservation of the area and the use of its resources.
Total budget
2.518.863 €.
Duration of the project
64 months (1 September 2012-31 December 2017).

More information

Areas of action

The Zalama blanket bog

One of the rarest and most threatened habitats of Europe. It is an ombrogenious bog that is exclusively supplied by rainwater and the constant mist. It is active, continues to generate peat and covers a surface area of around 3 hectares.

Salduero -Pozonegro sphagnum moss mires

Known locally as "the lagoons, they are divided into small fragments making up a mosaic that covers just over 30 hectares. These mires are the sites selected by numerous amphibious species, including the Alpine newt, catalogued as "rare" in the Basque Catalogue of Endangered Species.


Acidophilic beech, Pyrenean oak and beech. Beech trees will replace pine trees and eucalyptus, the La Brena Pyrenean oak grove is going to be recovered and work is going to be carried out on the banks of the streams to recover the alder groves.


The headwaters of the streams are home to the Trichomanes speciosum and Woodwardia radicans species of Paleo-tropical ferns, both of which are of Community interest according to the Habitats Directive and catalogue as vulnerable for the Basque Country.

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