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Catalogue of the Bizkaia Provincial Council Historical Archive.


Catalogue of the Bizkaia Provincial Council Historical Archive.


The Provincial Historical Archive of Bizkaia (AHFB) is intended as a depository where historical documents of all forms and origins concerning Bizkaia can be safely stored and placed at the disposal of the public, subject only to the constraints imposed by law on the public consultation of historical documents.

The archive has been compiled since 1990 by bringing together the collections held by the Provincial Council itself, which were previously kept in the archives of the Assembly House in Gernika (Guernica), in the archives of the Provincial Council building and at various other locations owned by the council. It also includes collections of legal documents produced by the Corregidor (Magistrate) of Bizkaia and his assistants and by other pre-20th century legal bodies, plus collections originating from municipal councils of the province that have entered into agreements for this purpose, previously scattered notarial records, files from numerous institutions and companies originally based in Bizkaia and records from local families.


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