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Agricultural machinery and treatment machinery



Devolution of the agricultural diesel tax:

Agricultural machinery register:


Royal Decree 1013/2009, dated 19 June

Royal Decree 1013/2009


Phytosanitary treatment machinery register:

Types of machines to be registered

New Machinery to be registered in the R.O.M.A.

Information sheet


Programme of Inspection of Machinery for Phytosanitary Treatments

  • To comply with the requirements that agricultural cultivations need for homologation of integrated production, quality standards for the food and agricultural product wholesalers and quality characteristics.
  • To register and take a census of the machinery for phytosanitary treatments in Bizkaia, in order to control the same and verify compliance of regulations in force, applicable to plant health and farming machinery.
  • To protect the environment by reducing the risk of pollution
  • To optimise and improve phytosanitary treatments and phytosanitary protection, while providing adequate training and recommendations to operators.
  • To revise health and safety measures at work as regards the use of machinery and implementation of phytosanitary treatments.
What is our job?
  • To inspect and undertake official technical revisions of the machinery and personal protection equipment used for phytosanitary treatments.
  • To provide technical-agricultural advice in order to improve phytosanitary treatments: treatment dosage calculation, selection of nozzles, maintenance of equipment, both for phytosanitary treat-ment and for personal protection, practical recommendations for the use and handling of pest-control substances, etc.
  • To provide technological support and precise training to producers, technicians and personnel operating with this type of machinery and equipment.
  • To issue a bulletin reporting the incidences observed during inspections.
What do we revise, and how?

The Agrarian Service technicians carry out measurements and precise controls on those parameters and components of the machines to be revised at each site and treatment companies, giving priority to those that are subject to food and agricultural quality characteristics and standards. The equipment that is revised is the following

  • Portable equipment for personal use: backpacks with and without a motor and trolleys used for spraying with hose and trigger.
  • Ultra-low volume equipment for use in glasshouses.
  • Atomizers used in fruit-farming and viticulture.
  • Personal protection equipment.
How does one request a inspection?

If you are interested in an inspection and revision, you must request this by filling in the enclosed request form and to forward the same, together with your personal data to the "Servicio Agrícola" (Agrarian Service), together with proof of payment of fees. A waiting list is established and, based on the above-mentioned priorities, requests are serviced.

Request for revision

What does a inspection consist of?
Pneumatic backpack sprayer
Exploded view of a Pneumatic backpack sprayer

Checking of:

  1. Leaks
  2. Tank
  3. Filters
  4. Motor
  5. Nozzles

Measurement of Nozzles:

  1. Motor noise
  2. Air speed
Trolley-type hydraulic sprayers with gun
Exploded view of a Wheelbarrow hydraulic sprayer with spraygun

Checking of:

  1. Gun nozzle
  2. Hose
  3. Tank
  4. Filter
  5. Bomb

Pump Measurements:

  1. Flow outlet pressure
  2. Pressure according to angle used
  3. Loss of hose pressure
Ultra-low volume equipment for spraying
Exploded view of Ultra-low-volume spray equipment

Measurement of:

  1. Fan R.P.M.
  2. Speed and range of the air
  3. Outlet flow of the spray


  1. Leaks
  2. Filter compressor
  3. Automatic system
  4. Nozzle
  5. Shaking system
  6. Protections
Atomizers. What do we check?
  1. Checking of gauge.
  2. Checking of filters, conduits pump and shaking tank.
  3. Checking of flow and loss of pressure in nozzles.
  4. Speed of air.
  5. Revolutions TDF
  6. Sound level
  7. Safety measures

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