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Plant Protection Centre




The plant protection centre of the Provincial Council of Biscay is located in Derio and the functions it performs include:

  • Application of the European Regulation on the control of the marketing and use of plant protection products in Biscay.

    Training and health of persons that apply the products.

  • Application of the European Regulation on the control of residues from plant protection products at source in Biscay.

    Food safety and guarantee for consumers.

  • Application of the European Regulation against the introduction of agents harmful to plants and their propagation in Biscay.
    • Plant passports.
    • Plant health inspections.
    • Detection and diagnosis of harmful agents.
    • Eradication and control plans.
  • Diagnosis of pests and diseases (insects, fungi, bacteria, viruses) of crops, plantations and plant material.
    • Fruit trees, horticultural crops, ornamental plants, vines, forestry, herbaceous crops, etc.
    • Sampling and visual diagnosis.
    • Laboratory diagnosis
  • Promotion and development of new plant protection techniques: biological control, integrated pest management, etc.
    • Biological control and integrated pest management on woody crops (fruit trees, vines, etc.).
    • Biological control and integrated pest management on protected crops (tomatoes, peppers, etc.).
  • Warning station
    • Treatment guides and warning bulletins
    • Answering machine for crops, Tel: 94.406.68.79 (starting from 1st May)
    • Agrimeteorlogical stations
  • Recommendations and technical assistance
    • Personal consultations
    • Farm Visits
    • Treatments and applications


Plant Protection Office

Address: Parque Tecnológico. Ibaizabal bidea, Edificio 600

48160 Derio (Bizkaia)

Decimal coord.: Lat. 43.295044,-2.869183

Sexagesimal coord.: Lat. 43º 17 42,17" N Long 2º 52 9.09" W

Telephone: 94.454.10.09

Fax: 94.454.20.37

Automatic Answering Machine: 94.406.68.79


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