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In the style of the Equipo 57 group


Tribute to some other artists

Ibarrola chose the upper reaches of the forest and a canvas of 4 totems to draw this curious composition as a tribute to the Equipo 57 group. This is the group that Agustín Ibarrola formed in 1957 in Paris together with other leading artists such as Jorge Duarte, Juan Serrano and Jorge Oteiza. Later on, he received the cooperation of other artists of great renown, such as Nestor Basterretxea. Opponents of surrealist, individualistic and traditional art, they defended teamwork and sought to bring art closer to society, to everyday life. Their work used bright colours with strong contrasts, whereby they sought to depict the melting-pot of society: its people, languages, customs, classes… Like the colours that make up this curious expression of affection, created in 1998.


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