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Hallways of the main building of the library. The cube seen from outside.

Facts about the bibliographical and newspaper collections of the Regional Library:

The collection of the Regional Library of Bizkaia contains close to 300,000 titles, many of them currently freely accessible and spread out over different rooms and consultation areas.

  • On the 1st floor of the Regional Library users can search titles in a spacious area containing 9,000 freely accessible items. On the same floor is the Library Documentation Room, containing 2,400 titles freely accessible to users.
  • The 2nd floor houses the Newspaper and Journal Library: more than 600 freely accessible titles, with a total of 271 newspapers and 3,800 journals.
  • On the 3rd floor is the bibliography and heraldry area
  • On the 4th floor is the Researchers Room, providing a freely accessible specialised reference library containing almost 1,500 titles, Also is the engravings room and a noteworthy cartography section.

Special mention should be made of the reserve collection

Facts about the Reserve collection:

The Regional Library of Bizkaia features 40 incunabula. These old works are divided into:

  1. Books: 10,179 titles
  2. Pamphlets: 509
  3. Loose sheets: 74
  4. Periodicals: 57
  5. Manuscripts: 624
Reserve collection (includes incunabula, old works and manuscripts)
  • INCUNABULA (works printed from the time of the invention of the printed press in the middle of the 15th century up to the year 1500).
    • The Library’s oldest incunabulum:

      INC-31 Gerson, Johannes. De simonia; De probatione Spirituum ; De eruditione confessorum ; De remediis contra recidivum peccandi (printed in Cologne, c.1472).

    • Basque incunabulum:

      INC-35 Missale Tirasonensis (printed in Pamplona in 1500 by Arnaldo Guillén de Brocar).

  • OLD WORKS (monographs, pamphlets, loose sheets and periodicals printed between the years 1501 and 1800).
    • Oldest work published by a Basque printing house:

      VR-585, VR-922, VR-934 (copies): Osorio, Jerónimo. De gloria libri V ... Bilbao: Matias Mares, 1578.

    • Oldest Fuero (Charter) of Bizkaia (1st ed.):

      VR-747, LAND-R-240 (copies): Burgos: Juan de Junta, 1528.

    • 23 items in Basque (in particular, works by Agustín Cardaberaz and Sebastián de Mendiburu).
      • The oldest ones:
        • VR-582: 2nd ed. of the Guero de Axular (c.1711).
        • LAND-R-28: Ochoa de Arín, José. Doctrina christianaren explicacioa... (1713).
        • VR-10: Imitatio Christi (1720).
      • First printed Basque words:

        VR-640: Marineo Sículo, Lucio. De las cosas memorables de España … (1533).

Other works include a vast selection of titles by authors such as Martín de Azpilcueta, Bartolomé de Carranza, Alonso de Ercilla y Zuñiga, Esteban de Garibay y Zamalloa, Pedro de Ribadeneyra, Baltasar de Echave, Antonio de Gaztañeta, Father Henao, Manuel de Larramendi, Antonio de Capmany, Nicolás de Arriquibar, Valentín de Foronda, José Antonio Ibáñez de la Renteria, José Francisco de Isla, José Joaquín de Landazuri, Juan Antonio Llorente, José de Mazarredo, Greek and Latin classics, and many others.


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