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Palaeolithic art in Santimamiñe


Wood. Cave paintings. Cave.

The Santimamiñe cave painting sanctuary was discovered in 1916 by a group of youths; one year later, H. Breuil confirmed the paintings and proposed a chronology dating from the Magdalenian period, and even located new figures.

The figures are spread over three areas inside the cave:

  • the room leading to the paintings chamber,
  • the sanctuary
  • and the new paintings room.

There are almost one hundred depictions in total, drawn with charcoal and/or engraved on the rock, attributed to the middle stages of the Magdalenian period, with an approximate dating of between 14,500 and 12,000 years ago. Santimamiñe’s cave art consists of:

  • thirty-two bison,
  • seven goats,
  • six horses,
  • one bear,
  • one deer
  • and several incomplete images.

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