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Place names


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This database offers you approximately 24.000 place names of our territory. Those names are already included in the Biscay Guide published by the Biscay Provincial Council, but they were compiled in this format in order to offer the people of Biscay easier access to them.

Together with the correct name, two variations with their generic are given (in Basque and Spanish), as well as additional information: name of the municipality where it is located in and the character of the place (farmhouse, pastureland, beach...). Some place names were not included in this list, but we’ll add them to the database as we develop research in that field.

Our goal is the proper use of place names. Thus, we’ve entered the possibility of searching "inappropriate" forms. So, in that way, anyone searching the name of the hill between Bilbao and Zamudio can enter Abril, Avril or Iturrichualde. Either of them will lead to the correct form: Iturritxualde. The Vice-ministry of Language Policy of the Basque Government helped to compile these place names, and rules to normalization were set under the direction of the Royal Academy of the Basque Language. While standardizing those names, we used the published criteria of the Academy, but it might happen that some few of them need correcting as new data is added.

Finally, we would like to remind users that if they want to make an observation, they can send a message to the e-mail address on the web.  


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