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Genealogy and heraldry



How can I find out about the coat of arms corresponding to my family name?

The Provincial Library has an area on the third floor of the building for consultation about genealogy and heraldry.

Among others, it includes the main works of:

  • Francisco Piferrer
  • Alberto y Arturo García Carrafa
  • Jaime Kerexeta
  • Endika Mogrobejo
  • Vicente Cadenas y Vicent

How do I find out if my family name is in the García Carraffa (Heraldic Encyclopaedia)?

The indexes available on the third floor of the Provincial Library can be consulted, which will tell us if the work contains the name and the volume in which this information is located.

Consultation can also be made via Internet using the automatic index developed by the Library of Congress: Index to the Hispano-American Heraldic Encyclopaedia of Alberto and Arturo García Carraffa.


Which archives should I go to in order to learn about my family history?


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