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Regional Government Farm of Gorliz


Livestock Selection

What is the Regional Government Farm?

The Regional Government Farm (Granja Foral) is a reference livestock facility, i.e., an experimental centre where a series of activities are carried out with specific objectives, aimed at stimulating and promoting livestock farming in Bizkaia.

Farm of Gorliz

The animals kept at the Regional Government Farm are the result of research applied to livestock farming, and this provides them with production characteristics that allow us to state that they are, in their majority, the best in Bizkaia. As the farm forms part of the heritage of all Bizkaians, our livestock farmers may use these animals to improve their productions, and therefore, to optimise the profitability and competitiveness of their livestock holdings.

The Regional Government Farm was established in 1852 as a school farm in Erandio, thanks to the initiative of the Regional Government of Bizkaia. By 1950, it had become a model farm in Derio, where improved breeds were introduced, such as Alpine Brown and Frisian. Subsequently, during the 80’s, a Plan was initiated for the recovery of the Pyrenean breed.

The Farm has also served to introduce improved foreign breeds of other cows, hens and horses.

What activities does it carry out at present?

Currently, the Regional Government Farm of Gorliz is carrying out a variety of programmes, among which the following are explained herein:

  • Recovery and Improvement of the Basque Pony-Pottoka.
  • Recovery of the Terreña bovine breed.
  • Maintenance of the original mixed aptitude line of the Pyrenean breed: Testing Station for the evaluation of maternal traits.

Handling and personnel

  • Reproductive handling:
    • In bovine cattle: synchronisation of heats, use of artificial insemination and shortening of intervals between births.
    • In Pottokas: reproductive groups, directing crossbreedings with improved studs to fix the characteristics of the breed.
  • Rotatory shepherding and optimisation of food resources.
  • Vaccination and deparasitation twice a year.
  • Several specialised operators and more than 70 usable ha.

Objectives and prospects

  • Promotion of the primary sector in Bizkaia.
  • Experimentation of new production methodology.
  • Dissemination of advances obtained.
  • In the near future, we intend to conserve and reintroduce autochthonous breeds that are in danger of extinction.

Selection and Improvement of Pyrenean LivestockTop

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Selection and Improvement of Terreño LivestockTop

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Selection and Improvement of Equine Livestock of the Pottoka BreedTop

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