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Animal Nutrition - Control Plan


Livestock Selection


The nutrition of the animals kept on our holdings is extremely important due to its effects on the quality of the product (meat, milk, eggs...), and because of its possible impact on the health of the animals as well as of humans consuming them. In addition, animal nutrition must meet a series of legal requirements (labelling, composition, nutritional, microbiological …) to guarantee the safety of the product and its commercial quality.

The factors affecting the guarantees of animal nutrition are many and varied: raw materials used, the preparation or handling of raw materials, the use of additives or the preservation of raw materials and prepared products,... among others.

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The large variety of factors to be considered justifies the extent and comprehensiveness of the Community and national legislation in this matter.

Actions of the Regional Government of BizkaiaTop

Actions are aimed to:

  • Detect any prohibited substance (b-agonists, steroids and zeranol) or contaminant in feeds (aflatoxins, heavy metals, meat/fish meals, and microbiological parameters).
  • Documentary controls of the different raw materials and destination of end products in animal byproduct transformation industries.
  • Monitor the hygiene and health conditions of feed factories: processing, storage, distribution of feed to the holdings, etc.
  • Monitor the labelling on feed.
  • Monitor the storage and dispensation on the holding.

These actions are developed through:


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Good Nutrition for better productionTop

Some advice about what information should be stated on the feed label, how to store it and how to administer it.

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