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Veterinary Medication


Animal Health


These days, there is growing concern about the indiscriminate, abusive or incorrect use of veterinary medications in animals for slaughter and also regarding the presence of medication residues in food, as they may pose a serious risk for public health

This circumstance has prompted a greater surveillance of food of animal origin, live animals and holdings, greater control of the prescription of veterinary medications, the initiation of administrative actions, judicial proceedings, etc.

Actions of the Regional Government of Bizkaia

In this respect, the Regional Government of Bizkaia implements a series of actions aimed at:

  • Detecting any illegal treatment.
  • Ensuring that veterinary medication residues as well as the maximum levels of pesticides and environmental contaminants meet the maximum residue levels established in the current legislation.
  • Examining and revealing the reasons for the presence of such residues.

These actions comprise:

  1. The National Residue Investigation Plan (PNIR).
  2. The Raw Milk Quality Control Programme.
  3. The Control of the use of veterinary prescriptions and a log book of veterinary treatments.

Legislative Framework for Veterinary Medication and Residues Thereof

Community Regulations
State Regulations
Autonomous Regulations

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