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Zoological Establishments (Pet shops, Kennels, Zoological Parks...)


Animal Health


Zoological establishments are those establishments and/or facilities that provide lodging, maintenance, breed and/or sell animals, either as their main activity or otherwise, regardless of whether they have a commercial purpose or not.

The Livestock Service of the Regional Government of Bizkaia carries out the inspection, control and surveillance of these establishments and ensures that they continue to meet the necessary license requirements.


Classification of zoological establishments


Section A. Establishments where specimens of exotic or native wild fauna are kept for scientific, recreational or cultural purposes.

  • Recuperation centres
  • Zoological parks
  • Zoological reserves where animals are kept in captivity
  • Itinerant zoological exhibitions
  • Circuses using animals
  • Private zoological collections
  • Zoo safaris

Section B. Establishments where domestic animals and pets are kept, and those establishments not covered under the previous section.

  • Kennels where 10 or more dogs over 1 year of age are kept, and/or where the area of the facilities does not exceed 20 m2 .
  • Facilities where 10 or more 10 cats over 6 months of age are kept.
  • Animal residences.
  • Dog training schools with their own facilities.
  • Pet shops.
  • Bird shops.
  • Animal collection centres.
  • Establishments engaged in peddling activities.
  • Private collections.


Administrative steps

Outline of authorisation procedure:

Outline of authorisation procedure

Description of the "Authorisation procedure" chart

Prior to starting to operate as such, all zoological centres must have the corresponding administrative authorisation

  1. Pre-operating authorisation granted by the Provincial Council of Biscay.
  2. Notification by the Provincial Council of Biscay of said pre-operating authorisation to the corresponding Local Council.
  3. Issue by the Local Council of the pertinent municipal permits.
  4. Following receipt of said pre-operating authorisation and the municipal permits, application to the Provincial Council of Biscay for authorisation to operate.

Documentation to be submitted by all zoological establishments when applying for PRIOR AUTHORISATION

  1. Photocopy of National Identity Document.
  2. Descriptive report of the establishment’s activity detailing their material and human resources.
  3. Drawings of the establishment and facilities.
  4. List of species to be kept.
  5. Premises hygiene programme, carried out by personnel qualified to perform disinfection, desinsectation and deratisation procedures.
  6. Veterinary graduate in the team, and health prophylaxis programme for those centres that carry out any type of commercial activity, native or exotic species breeding programmes, and/or educational or training programmes on domestic or wild animal species.
  7. Substantiating documents supporting compliance with the requirements set out in Article 4. General requirements (for all applicants). Annex I. (PDF file 63 KB.)
  8. Receipt of payment of the Zoological Establishment Registration (Must be submitted to the Livestock Service or District Agricultural Office)

Specific requirements

  1. Potentially dangerous animals. Page 7843/44 of Annex II to the Decree.
  2. Animals of the canine or feline species. Annex III. (PDF file 170 KB.)
  3. Wild fauna animals. Page 7846 of Annex IV to the Decree.
  4. Commercial exchange between states of animals susceptible to notifiable diseases. Page 7847 of Annex V to the Decree.




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