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District Agricultural Offices



The District Agricultural Offices are decentralised administrative bodies under the Department of Agriculture of the Regional Government of Bizkaia where farmers can make all necessary enquiries and carry out formalities at one “single counter” for the efficient management of their farm.

The principal objectives of the District Agricultural Offices include:

  • District Agricultural OfficesFacilitating relations between rural population and the Administration.
  • Simplifying the management of those administrative tasks inherent to the primary sector activities.
  • Co-ordinating with other Public Administration sections and bodies.
  • Stimulating the technical development of the agricultural and livestock sector in order to increase levels of competitiveness and improve the standard of living of farmers, using natural resources with a criterion of sustainability.
  • Optimising the comparative advantages of our agricultural and livestock sector.
  • Supporting capitalisation and profitability of the sector through the identification of productive projects.
  • Fostering investments, works and tasks required for increasing productivity.

Technical tasks

  • HothouseGeneral advice and technical assistance for farmers in the Area.
  • Carrying out of technical-economic studies and investment analysis of farmers intending to invest in the improvement of their farms within the Investment Aid Plan financed by the Regional Government of Bizkaia and co-financed by the European Union.
  • Advisory services concerning good agricultural practices and dissemination of new techniques to be applied on agricultural and livestock farms.
  • Control, follow-up and advisory services on the application process for subsidies financed by the European Union, and on the preparation of the annual area report and farm register.
  • Visit to the farms and on-site advice on various aspects affecting the improvement of the condition of the farm, environmental aspects and animal health, land analysis interpretation, production capacity and possible production uses of the land.
Stock Farming

Administrative tasks

  • Informing, serving and mediating in farmers enquiries, disseminating in general all the information that is the responsibility of the Department amongst the rural population of each District Agricultural Unit.
  • Processing and saving on computer the administrative files concerning Sector aid carried out by the Department.
  • Registering incoming and outgoing documentation.
  • Carrying out the necessary formalities to provide information to the Sector in regards to actions undertaken by the Department, maintaining the necessary contact with other sections within the Department of Agriculture (Agricultural Development Service, Livestock Farming, General Services, Agricultural Services, Forestry Service, Tax office...) and Organisations and other public bodies such as the Agricultural Social Security (own accounting), Basque Government, Veterinary Services of other autonomous communities, etc.

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