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Agricultural Circulation

Laboratory The Public Company Mendikoi, S.A., as an instrumental company for the Department of Agriculture and Fishing of the Basque Government, has the task of planning and developing Training, Promotional and Rural Development activities on the basis of the policies defined by the said Department.

Mendikoi provides an answer to the demands of the primary sector and the population of rural areas in the Basque Autonomous Community, working in close collaboration with players and institutions linked to the primary sector and Rural Development.

In order to fulfil its objective, Mendikoi, S.A. diversifies the training area into:

  • GreenhousesRegulated training:
    In order to contribute to the generation take-over in the farming sector and in rural areas, innovate and improve the competitiveness of existing farms, and professionalise its workers, the company offers a choice covering practically the entire field of agricultural training.
  • Continuous training:
    Programme of courses aimed at the training of professionals in the farming sector.
  • Intensive training:
    larga duración courses aimed at the training of professionals intending to join or currently working in specific activities in relation to the farming sector.

For further information, you may visit the web site of Mendikoi, at the following address:


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