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Zalla Fruit Growing Station

The Fruit cultivating Station of Zalla is located on the old Farm itself and the Model-typical farmhouse of the Basque Country of Zalla, started up in 1903 under the initiative of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Town Hall of Zalla, in order to offer practical training to farmers and to undertake farming experiments and tests as regards crops and, at the same time, recuperate vine crops, which were subject to strong attacks of plagues and illnesses during that time.

  • Txakoli in BizkaiaIn 1909 the first tasks and tests were undertaken with white and red grafted grapes, suitable for wine-making with American re-grafting in a surface of 4 Has.
  • During the 20s a Model-Bodega was set up for the survey and improvement of the preparation of the txakoli in Bizkaia.
  • During the 30s, the winemaking surveys were abandoned, and the facilities were used as a tree nursery and cattle farm.
  • In 1968, the Farm finally becomes a Fruit-growing Station, and it has continued to undertake this activity up to this day and age, with a surface of around 6 Has.
  • In 1994, the new Experimental Bodega is set up for the survey and improvement of the techniques employed in the preparation of the “txakoli” and cider.
Techniques employed in the preparation of the txakoli

Apart from undertaking the tasks usually carried out at Vine-growing and Enology Stations, the Centre also carries out the following functions:

  • The survey and improvement of fruit-growing in Bizkaia.
  • The survey and improvement of Viticulture in Bizkaia.
  • The transfer and support of technology for the different productive sectors:
    • Denomination of Origin “Bizkaiko Txakolina”.
    • Bizkaiko Sagardoa.
    • Asociation of Fruit-growers (BIALKA), Association of Txakoli Producers (BIALTXA).
    • Centre for the consultation and advice of producers in general.
  • Bizkaias cidre and txakolis ethnology kontrol and analytic.

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