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The Zalla Fruit Farm - Experimental Winery


The current Fruit Farming Research Centre is located at the former Zalla Model Homestead and Farm. In 1903, Bizkaia Provincial Council agreed the land purchase in Zalla in order to provide practical information to farmers and to conduct different agricultural tests and experiences.

The main role of the Fruit Farm is to technologically advise and support the different Associations and Entities of the subsector, including the Association of Fruit Growers (BIALKA), the Association of Txakoli Makers (BIALTXA), the Association of Still Cider Makers (BIZKAIKO SAGARDOGILEAK) and the Bizkaiko Txakolina and Euskal Sagardoa Designations of Origin.


The centre is 25Km. from Bilbao, in the Zalla municipal district in Encartaciones supramunicipal district, and on the River Kadagua flats, 100 m. above sea-level and is S-SW facing. This is a very suitable site for growing vines and fruit trees.

Zalla Fruit Farming Research Centre

Avda. Lehendakari Aguirre, 44

48860 Zalla (Bizkaia)

Decimal coordinates: Lat. 43.205915 Long -3.144150

DMS coordinates: Lat. 41º 12 21.3" N Long 3º 08 38.9" W

Telephone: 94.639.03.27

Fax: 94.639.09.64


The Centre has the following facilities to conduct its activities:

  • 5.8 Ha. 4.7 of which on flat land and 1.1. on hillsides, mainly occupied by vines and fruit trees.
  • Buildings with an Experimental Winery and cold chambers.
  • Greenhouses to propagate plants and selecting vine material.
  • Multipurpose room for training activities.
  • A range of irrigation facilities, weather station, machinery and others.

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