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The Archaeology area of the Historic Heritage Service has competence in the field of conservation, restoration, improvement, and where applicable, excavation of the Cultural Heritage. Specifically, it is in charge of promoting research, safeguarding archaeological sites, studying and documenting historic buildings for restoration, and contributing to the knowledge of the heritage.

Archeologic item

I Functions

  • Advise private individuals, associations and institutions on the Cultural Heritage of Bizkaia.
  • Study city centres and Cultural Goods whose restoration requires prior archaeological and historic documentation.
  • Promote historic-archaeological research into the Cultural heritage.
  • Inform of town planning plans, infrastructure works, restorations...
  • Promote the maintenance of the Santimamiñe Caves (Kortezubi)
  • Excavate and museumise the Roman settlement in Forua (Forua)
  • Recover and exhibit the Urbieta wreck (Gernika).
  • Preserve, maintain and clean archaeological sites.
  • Publish archaeological research findings in the Kobie magazine, collaborating with the Arkeoikuska magazine of the Basque Country or by organising lecture cycles.
  • Conduct a follow-up on and prepare the guidelines for the Bizkaia Archaeological Museum Project.

Archeologic Digging Site

II Subsidies

  • Subsidies to archaeologists and historians aimed at promoting archaeological research in the Historical Territory of Bizkaia.
  • Subsidies to private individuals involved in archaeological sites or presumed sites, according to the provisions of article 45.5 of the Basque Cultural Heritage Act.

Wood Wall

Archeoligic Digging Site


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