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In the face of the impossibility of local councils providing themselves with the necessary financial resources to have their own municipal fire fighting equipment, pursuant to the Municipal Code, the Regional Government of Bizkaia took on the responsability of fire fighting services in the Territory of Bizkaia. Thus, since the year 1965, the Regional Government began the necessary formal steps and studies to enable the configuration of a material and human infrastructure allowing them to start up the first fire stations. Five years later, in 1970, the facilities at Gernika, Durango and Trapaga, were opened, with a total of 50 firemen, two sergeants, and a fire chief began service in two daily work shifts.

Four years on, the fire stations at Galdakao, Getxo and Zalla came into operation with a further fifty-four firemen and new technical means guaranteeing better assistance in fires.
Continuing with the evolution of the configuration of the structure of this service, under the Public Administration department, the Markina fire station came into operation, and a year later opened the Mungia Fire Station.

The total network of fire stations was completed with the establishment of fire stations operated with voluntary fire fighters in Lekeitio, Orduña, Karranza and, finally in Otxandio in 1993.
This network of fire stations was in response to the highest principle of being able to access each and everyone of Bizkaia's municipalities within a maximum 20 minutes.

Upon completing this initial implementation of the Fire Fighting and Rescue Services around Bizkaia, the Regional Government undertook to adapt and move all existing facilities to the new communication routes, mainly those highways already existing and operating in our territory.
Thus, in the year 1992, the former Trapaga fire station made way for the Urioste central facilities, and in the year 1997 the Getxo Fire Station was moved to its present-day location in Artaza (Leioa).

At present, the Regional Government of Bizkaia has a total of 398 firemen and 70 vehicles, with three-section organisational structure: Fire Fighting, Prevention, and Technical-Administrative section, under the Fire Fighting Services Main Headquarters.

The Communications Centre was created in the year 1994, thus centralising all information and the co-ordination of operations performed by the Fire Fighting and Rescue Services. At this centre proposals are put forward for those resources to be used in each action and then this is conveyed to the Fire Stations. Operations in progress are also controlled at this centre, in case it is necessary to provide more resources, up until the completion of the operation.

The Communications Centre is located at the Urioste Fire Station (Ortuella) and is manned by 10 Operators working in shifts, under the supervision of a non-commissioned officer with the responsibility of Duty Chief.

The centre has two work stations servicing the operations to be performed by the Fire Stations. These work stations have:

  • Computer equipment with Nexux and Zutabe applications.
  • Communications equipment (Telephones, transmitters, fax).
  • Call recorder.
  • Uninterruptible power supply (U.P.S.) guaranteeing power supply.

The work stations have been designed to meet ergonomic criteria. The Communications Centre also has appropriate lighting and air conditioning for carrying out the required tasks.


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