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Centres for social insertion


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Objective of the agreements

The Department of Social Action, in compliance with the provisions of the current legislation, must guarantee the availability of centres and services with sufficient capacity to respond to the needs of the population. These services must be directed at specific population groups, and amongst them, express reference must be made to persons in a situation of vulnerability, as specialised social services. Pursuant to the principle of coordination, the department carries out its activities, to a large extent, in collaboration with concerted private enterprise entities, by means of entering into agreements.

Entering into an agreement entails the provision of the service by the entity, which also undertakes a series of obligations contained in the text of the agreement, in return for an economic contribution from Gizartekintza Saila-Department of Social Action.

In principle, the agreements are valid for one year, however, subject to budget allowances for that particular year, they may be extended.


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