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Water Quality


Water quality

The Bizkaia County Council Environment Department, in conjunction with the Basque Government’s Ministry for Health, has been carrying out the health monitoring of the bathing areas of our county. This has ensured that continuous information is available on the quality status of the beaches, along with identifying the points situations where there is a possible risk.

The quality of the bathing water is checked at all beaches from May to October. Every fortnight (weekly in July and August), water rating and the sanitary bathing conditions are established according to the results at each of the sampling points.

Bathing water quality

It is determined using the data obtained the samples, where the presence of faecal bacteria, other pollutants, etc. are assessed which therefore indicate the water quality at those points. Bathing water can be classified:

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Sufficient
  • Poor

Sanitary bathing conditions

The quality is established according to the bathing water classification.

Unrestricted Bathing
If the bathing water is classified as EXCELLENT,GOOD or SUFFICIENT there are no limitations on bathing
Bathing forbidden
If the bathing water is POOR, bathing can cause alterations of the skin and mucous membranes. This may cause a health hazard.

Bathing area annual rating

The water quality data for the last four seasons are taken into account. According to the results obtained, the water is also classified as EXCELLENT, GOOD, SUFFICIENT and POOR.


Please follow the instructions for each beach regarding the bathing water quality and water conditions. Follow the lifeguards indications as well as the flag colours.


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