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Covid 19 general regulations


  1. The beach season in Bizkaia is from 1 June to 30 September.
  2. The beach opening hours will be same as in previous years: from 11.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. During those hours, there will be life-guard, first-aid and hondartzainak (beach guards) services on the beach.
  3. Beachgoers must respect the current recommended safety distance (1.5 m), both on the sand and in the water.
  4. Masks will not have to be worn when swimming and when you remain in a specific place, provided that the safety distance between users can be respected. Masks must be worn when moving around and when taking walks. Groups of people, which must not be more than ten in number, must always respect the safety distance between people.
  5. The public should follow appropriate hygiene measures.
  6. Do not go to the beach if you have any symptoms compatible with Covid-19.
  7. During beach hours (from 11.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.), group and individual sports are banned on the sand. Racket games are banned in general. Walking on the beach is not considered to be a sport.
  8. Cool boxes, inflatable lilos or other similar items should not be taken to the beach.
  9. Parasols can be used. People can take deckchairs if they need to.
  10. A traffic-light system will be used to indicate the beach occupancy level on Bizkaia Provincial Councils website and on the BizkaiUp app. The procedure is as follows:
    1. there are no capacity problems
    2. beach capacity at warning level
    3. beach full
    In addition to the website and the app, when the beach capacity is considered to be at warning level, an ORANGE or AMBER flag will be flown and will be clearly visible at the beach. Specific messages will be given out over the loudspeaker system, announcing the situation and recommending that anybody who has been there for over 3 hours should leave the beach.
  11. If the beaches become overcrowded during the season, it may be announced that the beaches can only be used for exercise on certain days. Sufficient notice will be given.
  12. If necessary, the beaches may be closed or even emptied.
  13. We ask everyone to be responsible and cooperate and be on the beach for no more than 3 hours, as per the recommendations of the Department of Health. This will make sure that the largest number of people can enjoy the beach each day.
  14. The lifeguard service will be giving out recommendations over the loudspeaker system nearly constantly, along with announcements about the situation of the beach capacity.
  15. There will be posters at the entrance to the beaches with information on the main points: times, safety distance in the water and on the beach, hygiene measures and information on BizkaiUp, along with recommendations on the maximum stay.
  16. Access to the beach and car parks could be regulated.

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