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Agritourism aid



Amongst the objectives of the Autonomous Agrarian Policy in relation to farms in the Basque Country, aimed at achieving optimum use of the available resources, is the measure in favour of Agritourism as an “Income supplement for those for whom farming is their way of living”.It is about securing an income from a combination of sources: tourism, handmade products, and farming, which complement each other, thus assisting in improving the standard of living of farmers and the Community.

Laws regulating these subsidies

Listed below is the set of laws regulating these subsidies, on an autonomous and European level, summarised as follows:

  • Regulations of the Regional Government of Bizkaia:
    Provincial Decree no. 22/2002 of February 19, published on March 7, for Farming Subsidies and Aid for the Development and adaptation of rural areas within the Historical Territory of Bizkaia.
  • Regulations of the Basque Government:
    Decree 243/2004 of 30 November 2004, concerning Aids to agricultural holdings, aids for the development and adaptation of rural areas and aids for silviculture in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.
  • European Union Regulations:
    EC Council Regulations no. 1257/1999 ,of 17 May, on Rural Development Aid from the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF) and amending and repealing certain regulations.


Regional Government of Bizkaia, Basque Government.


European Union.

Advisory service

Users can receive advice on various Agritourism-related issues: characteristics of the activity, aid, technical requirements for the project, and other from:

  • Agroturismo RoomLocal Tourism Office of Bizkaia.
  • District Agricultural Offices.
  • Agricultural Development Service.
  • Mountain Farming Associations.


Applications must be submitted at the relevant District Agricultural Office corresponding to the Municipality where the farm is located, attaching all required documentation. Applications must be submitted within the first quarter of the year.

Regulatory rules for agritourism farms in rural areas


Requirements of agritourism farms

The most significant requirements have been extracted from the Decree, as follows:

  • HothouseLOCATION: must be located on farms. This is understood as outbuildings or a group of these integrated and used as dwellings and for meeting the needs of the farm.
  • FARMER’S STATUS: must be maintained permanently and indefinitely for at least 10 years.
  • FARMHOUSE CAPACITY: minimum four places and maximum twelve (not including additional bedding).
  • TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: power, heating, telephone, fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, accesses and other must be available.
  • Space of double rooms: 12 m2 minimum.
  • Space of single rooms: 7 m2 minimum.
  • Room height: 2.5 metres minimum (in loft-like rooms minimum height will cover 60% of the room).
  • Bathroom facilities: minimum one full bathroom per four guests.
  • Bathroom area: 4 m2 minimum, if outside the rooms, and 3 m2 for ensuites.
  • Agroturismo RoomDirect ventilation, minimum an area of 1.20 m2 of windows per room, and 8% of the room floor.
  • Use of additional bedding, maximum two per room, provided that the area of the room is over 25% the minimum, per additional bed.
  • MINIMUM SERVICES: accommodation and breakfast. May also offer lunch and dinner, use of kitchen facilities, sale of handmade and farm products, clothes washing and ironing, and safe keeping of valuables.
  • CIVIL LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY: minimum 60,101.21 €.


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