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INFORMATION ON DATA PROTECTION (EU Regulation 2016/679 on Data Protection) and Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights Act 3/2018.
Head of processing and contact

Directorate-General of Digitalisation and Citizen Services (Digital and Corporate Strategy Cabinet).

Calle Diputación 7. 48008 Bilbao.

Telephone: 94 4067777/ 94 4068000.

Purpose of the processing Handling of claims: complaints, suggestions, queries and notifications sent to the Provincial Council of Biscay
Rights of the data subject

The data subjects may access their data, request correction, erasure, or limitation of their processing; and object to such processing by writing to the “Legal Advice, Information Security and Data Protection Department” at:

  • Electronic headquarters of the Provincial Council of Biscay: https//
  • Central Registry of the Provincial Council of Biscay. Records Office and Citizens Advice Bureau. Laguntza. C/ Diputación 7, planta baja, Bilbao.
  • Local Citizens Advice Bureau of the Provincial Council of Biscay.
  • General Departmental Records of the Provincial Council of Biscay.
  • The locations mentioned in Law 39/2015 (Deputy Delegation of the Regional Government of Biscay, the Basque Government, local councils, post offices, etc.).

The data subjects also have the right to claim before the relevant control authority (the Basque Data Protection Agency).

Contact with the Data Protection Delegate

The Head Office of the Legal, Information Security and Data Protection Department (Department of Public Administration and Institutional Relations).

Calle Gran Vía Don Diego López de Haro 25. 48009 Bilbao.

Legal grounds for processing Law 27/1983 of 25 November, on relations between the institutions common to all regional governments and the regional bodies of the historical charter territories.
Recipients of the data The personal data may not be transferred, unless the complaints, suggestions, queries and communications submitted do not refer to a matter over which the Provincial Council of Biscay is competent, in which case they will be transferred to the competent public authority or body.
Data storage The data will be stored during the performance of the administrative activity that is managed within the authority’s area of competence.
Description of the categories of data subjects Any kind of interested person.
General description of the technical and organisational security measures Categorisation of information systems for applying security measures in accordance with Royal Decree 3/2010 of the National Security System within the scope of the system of Electronic Governance.