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OVGB NEWSLETTER N. 52, june 2019
Interview with José Francisco Capacés Sala

He is currently Coordinator of AVEPA’s (Asociación de Veterinarios Españoles Especialistas en Pequeños Animales) Ethical Commission and a member of the Committee for Ethics and Professional Integrity at the College of Veterinarians in Madrid, and believes that the relationship between gender violence and animal abuse should be addressed and given more attention, due to the numerous interrelations and implications involved for all victims.

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  the observatory
Animal abuse and gender violence

The Observatorio de la Violencia de Género (Observatory on Gender-based Violence) in Biscay has been carrying out monitoring on the progress that has been made in recent years in relation to taking animal abuse into account as an important factor in the fight against gender violence, and the protection of victims.

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Accommodating women and their companion animals: implementation manual

After years of working as a Prosecutor in the 1990s and noting how many women stayed with or returned to their abuser to protect their pets from violence, lawyer Allie Phillips, as Vice President of the American Humane Association, launched the programme PAWS (Pets and Women’s Shelters) in 2008, produced in collaboration with the SAF-T (Sheltering Animals & Families Together) organization, directed at shelters for women who are the victims of misogynistic violence.

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Observatory on Violence towards Animals and VioPet Programme

In this edition we have, on an exceptional basis, the participation of the Observatorio de la Violencia hacia los animales (the Observatory on Violence towards Animals, or OVHA) to address the relationship between gender and/or domestic violence and the abuse that the animals who form part of the family suffer in this context. Dr Núria Querol, Director of the Observatory, explains OVHA’s contribution, both the understanding of this facet of situations of gender violence, as well as the specific attention that these cases require via the VioPet programme.

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• EMAKUNDE, Study “Derecho a la intimidad de las víctimas de delitos de violencia de género. Derecho al anonimato de las víctimas”
III Informe anual
• GOVERNMENT OFFICE FOR GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE, El impacto de la violencia de género en España: una valoración de sus costes en 2016
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