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Water quality data the beaches of Biscay


Health Standards of Bathing Water Armintza

Risks for bathing water quality
Potential pollution factors -
Microbiological pollution risk -
Macroalgae proliferation risk -
Phytoplankton proliferation risk -
Jellyfish proliferation risk -
Short term pollution risk -
Sampling date Sanitary bathing conditions (*) Health standards of Bathing Water Hygienic-sanitary conditions of the beach (**) Incidents
Center Right Center Right
2ND JUNE, 2023 HEALTH INSPECTION Sanitary Bathing Conditions: safe to batheSanitary Bathing Conditions: safe to batheExcellentExcellentGoods

* Sanitary bathing conditions

Unrestricted Bathing
If the bathing water is classified as EXCELLENT,GOOD or SUFFICIENT there are no limitations on bathing
Bathing forbidden
The bathing may be cause a health hazard

** Hygienic-sanitary conditions of the beach

Refers to services, showers, changing rooms, WCs, cleanliness of the sand and presence of lifeguards.

  • Goods
  • Improvables
  • Bads
  • Others