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Water quality data the beaches of Biscay


Health Standards of Bathing Water Barinatxe

Risks for bathing water quality
Potential pollution factors Urban sewerage in use
Microbiological pollution risk Low
Macroalgae proliferation risk Low
Phytoplankton proliferation risk Low
Jellyfish proliferation risk Low
Short term pollution risk Low
Sampling date Sanitary bathing conditions (*) Health standards of Bathing Water Hygienic-sanitary conditions of the beach (**) Incidents
Center Right Center Right
2ND JUNE, 2023 HEALTH INSPECTION Sanitary Bathing Conditions: safe to batheSanitary Bathing Conditions: safe to batheExcellentExcellentGoods

* Sanitary bathing conditions

Unrestricted Bathing
If the bathing water is classified as EXCELLENT,GOOD or SUFFICIENT there are no limitations on bathing
Bathing forbidden
The bathing may be cause a health hazard

** Hygienic-sanitary conditions of the beach

Refers to services, showers, changing rooms, WCs, cleanliness of the sand and presence of lifeguards.

  • Goods
  • Improvables
  • Bads
  • Others