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Periodic economic aid



The temporary shelter of women and of children under their care in residential centres or specific shelter centres aimed at providing assistance in critical situations arising from socio-economic reasons and/or serious coexistence problems that place the physical or emotional integrity of the applicants in danger.


Women, and children under their care, with family, social or personal problems that make it very difficult for them to stay in their usual environment and make it advisable for them to be temporarily admitted to a refuge. Eligible women include:

  1. Women victims of domestic violence with or without children under their care.
  2. Young women who have been under Guardianship or Wardship with an open file with the Children’s Service of the Regional Government of Bizkaia, and who, after coming of legal age, are referred by the said Children’s Service to the Women and Families Service.
  3. Young women who come from a broken family, with a lack of social and/or personal skills, and/or with associated social problems that prevent them from properly integrating into society unsupported.
  4. Young expecting women or those in charge of single-parent families and with the need for specific support with child rearing skills.

Requirements and exclusions.

On the date of submitting the application, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Applicants must have been registered in a population census of the Historical Territory of Bizkaia for at least the last year prior to the date of applying. In reckoning this period, account shall be taken of successive census registrations in any of the municipalities of the Historical Territory of Bizkaia.
  2. Applicants must have insufficient income or income equal to or less than the Basic Income, in the terms established in the regulation governing the said social benefit.
  3. The census registration requirement and/or means limit shall not be required in exceptional cases where such requirement is deemed impossible to be met. In any event, decisions made on the basis of this exception shall be sufficiently reasoned.
  4. For access to the Emergency Shelter Service and for as long as the applicant is admitted to this service, no age limit shall apply in respect of the children admitted under the care of their mothers, and the requirements set out in the preceding paragraphs shall not be of application.

The following are excluded:

  1. Those who require specialised medical assistance or a high level of care, which are beyond the reach and possibilities of the facilities available in the residential centres.
  2. Those with mental problems or disorders, or associated problems and requiring specific care.
  3. Women who request admission due to primarily economic reasons and/or due to having difficulty in accessing housing.
  4. Those cases in which the Basic Social Service has not exhausted all available intervention resources suitable to the case and aimed at improving the applicant’s situation.
  5. The above reasons for exclusion are not applicable to admission to centres under the Emergency Shelter Service.

Aplicable legislation

Legal regulation

Processing of applications

  1. Applications must be submitted by the person concerned or her legal representatives at the Basic Social Service office of the Municipality in whose census the applicant is registered. Applications can also be lodged by any of the methods envisaged in art. 38 of Act 30/1992 of 26 November 1992, of the Legal Regime of the Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure., Applications must be addressed to the relevant Basic Social Service.
  2. All applications must be completed on the standard form annexed to the Decree regulating this aid.
  3. Applications must be accompanied by the following documentation:
    1. Photocopy of National Identity Card, passport, residence permit card, or if applicable, any other document proving the identity of the applicant.
    2. Census registration certificate proving that applicant meets the requirement specified under paragraph a) of article 2, section 2.
    3. Certificate issued by the Territorial Social Security Revenue Office stating whether the applicant is registered with the Social Security, or certificate of applicant’s work history.
    4. Certificate issued by INEM (Spanish National Employment Institute) stating whether the applicant appears in their records as a recipient of unemployment benefits.
    5. Certificate issued by INSS (National Social Security Institute) stating whether the applicant appears in their records as a recipient of a pension.
    6. Certificate substantiating that the applicant is a recipient of the Basic Income, if applicable.
    7. Statutory declaration of the person concerned stating her economic circumstances, and providing substantiating documents (payslip, collection of benefits, aid, subsidy, pension, income, etc.).
    8. If the woman has children under her care: Photocopy of the libro de familia (family record book) and/or, if applicable, of the documents proving the guardianship and custody or wardship.
    9. Any other documents as may be required to substantiate that the applicable requirements are met.
    10. Social report issued by the relevant Basic Social Service stating the reasons for the application for admission to the women’s centre submitted by the person concerned. The report must include, at least:
      1. Complete information about the personal and family circumstances of the applicant: personal characteristics, economic situation, housing situation, socio-family network, education, employment situation, health condition, etc.
      2. Information about the interventions carried out by the basic social services and the degree of involvement and fulfilment of the integration agreement signed by the applicant, if applicable.
    11. In cases of maltreatment, the applicable prescriptions and action measures shall be implemented, as provided by the current Interinstitutional Protocol for the improvement of care to women victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, implementing those measures in relation to the area of social services.
  4. Upon examination of the statutory file, and if applicable, following a study, decision and proposal by the Technical team of the Women and Families Service, the Regional Deputy of Social Action shall issue the pertinent Regional Order, granting of denying the aid requested.

Rules for allocation of places and transfers

  1. In the allocation of places and transfers account shall be taken of the specific characteristics of the group of people the centre provides care for, the programme developed in the centre, and the particular characteristics of each case.
  2. Receipt of aid shall be subject to the availability of places in collaborating centres.
  3. Priority in the granting of individual economic aid will be given to the admission of applicants who are under the care of the Emergency Shelter Service.

Emergency shelter service

If a woman is in an emergency situation for reasons of maltreatment, she may be admitted to the Emergency Shelter Service along with children under her care, even if she does not meet the requirements established in article 2, section 2 of the Decree regulating the aids.

Amount of the aid

The cost of the place will be financed by the Regional Government of Bizkaia according to the economic resources allocated.


  1. Aids granted for admission to Women’s Refuges shall be valid for:
    1. Six (6) months in the case of women victims of domestic violence with or without children under their care.
    2. One year in the case of women under all other circumstances envisaged herein.

    Notwithstanding the above, a shorter period may be established in the pertinent decision to grant aid according to each particular case.

  2. Aids granted may be successively extended by the same amount of time or less.

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