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.::. Main products (available in Spanish and Basque)

  1. Figures on dealing with situations of gender violence in Bizkaia: analysis and tables of data (yearly editions since 2004).
  2. https://www.bizkaia.eus/Gizartekintza/Genero_Indarkeria/ca_indicadores.html
  3. Map of Resources in the sphere of Gender violence in Bizkaia.
  4. A database consisting of resources and bodies (both institutions and third sector) who provide care for female victims of gender-based violence in Bizkaia. This map allows access to the equality plans, programmes against violence and protocols for coordinated action provided by local bodies to the OVGB for public distribution. By means of the resource searcher application, visitors to the website can extract lists of services related to social services, judicial resources, police resources, health resources, associations, other specialized services against violence and equality tools. There are three search options:
    • Total resources corresponding to all the municipalities
    • Total resources corresponding to the selected municipality
    • Total resources of the areas chosen from all the municipalities
  5. https://www.bizkaia.eus/Gizartekintza/Genero_Indarkeria/ca_mapa.asp
  6. Atlas of Resources on violence against women in Bizkaia.
  7. The resource atlas constitutes the graphic visualization and development of the information contained on the Resource Map by means of images. It lists and describes the services available in each area - locality, sub-region and region - in order to visualize the extent and nature of the institutional response to the needs of the collective in Bizkaia. It consists of a collection of maps on which there is graphic information about the network of public care services in situations of gender-based violence and the equality and coordination tools approved by the administrations. The tool allows you to obtain all the information represented on the maps in text mode.
  8. https://www.bizkaia.eus/Gizartekintza/Genero_Indarkeria/ca_atlas.html
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  10. Report on Recommendations and Proposals for Improvement with respect to institutional action in the matter of violence against women in the Historical Province of Bizkaia (every four year editions).
  11. https://www.bizkaia.eus/Gizartekintza/Genero_indarkeria/ca_documentos.html
  12. OVGB informative newsletter (every quarter).
  13. An electronic magazine whose quarterly issues are posted on the website. You can view the latest issue in situ or choose the archive where all the versions published since 2005 are stored.
  14. https://www.bizkaia.eus/Gizartekintza/Genero_indarkeria/ca_definicion.html
  15. Newsletter 52 is available in english.
  16. https://www.bizkaia.eus/gizartekintza/Genero_Indarkeria/blt52/en_blt52.html
  17. To subscribe to the newsletter: ovgb.bgib@bizkaia.eus

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