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.::. Functioning

The OVGB is organized at two levels.

  1. PLENARY, made up of political and technical representation designated by the bodies making up the OVGB, which meets in ordinary session twice a year.
  2. WORKING GROUPS, which are deemed necessary for the fulfilment of the established functions.

Thus, upon the basis of the Working Plan for 2004-2008, the plenary session held on 22 October 2004 approved the constitution of the GRUPO DE TRABAJO SOBRE INDICADORES DE VIOLENCIA DE GÉNERO (WORKING GROUP ON INDICATORS OF GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE or GTI), made up of technical personnel designated by the institutions and organizations which comprise it, with the following objectives:

  • – To identify and access the sources of information allowing the obtaining of accurate and reliable data.
  • – To find out and gather the data currently available.
  • – To design indicators permitting a representation of the magnitude of the violence against women on a certifiable basis and comparable over time.

Over the years which have gone by since the constitution of the OVGB, this is the only working group to have been created and it has been responsible for the carrying out of the technical work of gathering and analysing the information, drawing up the annual reports, formulating the recommendations and proposals for improving institutional action and any other tasks assigned by the Plenary.

Actions and members

The actions of the GTI are aimed at achieving the two objectives guiding the OVGB's activity and the carrying out of its functions, and are related to the information gathering process and the formulation of recommendations and proposals for improvement.

This Working Group is made up of professionals with a technical profile who represent the different bodies which make up the Observatory.

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