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.::. Definition

The Observatorio de la Violencia de Género en Bizkaia (Observatory on Gender-based Violence in Bizkaia or OVGB) is a collegiate body of an advisory nature, made up of representatives from both public institutions and civil society -through the associative movement- involved in the struggle against gender-based violence in Bizkaia.

This body has an advisory nature and was created in 2003 in order to increase understanding of the actions carried out in matters related to care for victims, analysing their evolution and guiding the public policies developed to eradicate this serious social problem, which constitutes the very worst example of the inequality suffered by women.

The OVGB is assigned to the Department of Employment, Social Inclusion and Equality of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and is directly dependent on the Provincial Councillor of this Department, who presides over the Observatory, the Directorate-General of Social Inclusion being responsible for providing the necessary technical and administrative assistance. This Directorate-General includes the Service for Women and Family Intervention, which manages and coordinates the work carried out by this body. The secretaryship of the OVGB and the coordination of the Working Group On Indicators of Gender-Based Violence (GTI) are the duties of the headship of the Women's Section.

.::. Background

In May 2000, with the approving of the Scheme for Equal Opportunities between men and women and Gender Policies in Bizkaia 2000-2003 (subsequently renewed for the 2004-2007 period), one of the actions established by the Chartered Provincial Council of Bizkaia was to «set up and coordinate a working group of a technical, multidisciplinary and inter-institutional nature on family violence. Its task, among other things, would be to analyse and draw up proposals designed to deal in an integral way with situations of domestic violence, by incorporating a gender perspective and integrating the various resources existing» (action 6.1.2.).

In 2002, within the Commission on Social Action of the General Assembly of Bizkaia, the Final Report of the Paper on Abuse of Women was developed.  Among other things, the report raised the need to promote the setting up of an «observatory on gender-based violence in Bizkaia», for the purpose of centralising all the information and any data that would allow this reality in all its dimensions to be known.

The following recommendation is included in the specific conclusions of the Final Report:

It is necessary to continue to increase understanding of the problem, descending to even more disaggregated levels and fields. Lines of psychological and psycho-social research are useful, but it is necessary to make urgent progress in the integration of the data of the different registers already in existence, improving their operation and complementing them with the results which can be provided by the sociological research mechanisms at more disaggregated levels and in more detail. The province of Bizkaia, as well as its different spheres of human geography, may serve as a reference for the purpose.
We therefore believe it necessary to promote the creation of an OBSERVATORY on gender-based violence in Bizkaia, in order to centralize all the information and whatever data allow us to understand this reality in all its dimensions. Women's organizations will also take part in this Observatory.
This deeper understanding should guide the improvement in the provision of care services and also the management of apparatuses suitable for revealing the hidden demand and activating it. Not only Emakunde but also the provincial administrations, the large municipalities, the associations and Eudel must become involved in this task.

.::. Objectives

The Observatory has two main objectives:

  1. To understand the reality and the evolution of the situations of violence against women in the province of Bizkaia.
  2. To make recommendations and proposals to improve the services and facilities offered by the public institutions in the field of gender-based violence.

.::. Functions

With respect to its Objetives:

• The design, setting in motion and maintenance of a computer application integrating data relating to situations of gender-based violence in the province of Bizkaia.

• To act as a permanent body for the gathering and analysis of the information available in the different fields of attention to situations of gender-based violence.

• To make recommendations and proposals aimed at improving the information indicators and systems used by the services in matters of violence against women.

• To participate in and maintain relations with other similar institutions. To learn about their experiences and the reforms undertaken and proposed in other administrations.

• To propose the carrying out of studies and technical reports for the diagnosis and evaluation of the extent and evolution of the situations of gender-based violence.

• To analyse the adaptation of the comprehensive measures aimed at victims of gender-based violence, investigating their consequences and effects and examining the examples of good practice.

• To make recommendations and proposals aimed at promoting improvements in the range of different resources which affect the field of gender-based violence in Bizkaia and to transfer them to the relevant institutions.

• To provide a forum of exchange and communication facilitating the works of study and analysis of research groups in the area of gender-based violence.

As regards the actual functioning of the Observatory:

• To issue an annual report on the activities carried out by the Observatory, submitting it to the General Assembly of Bizkaia.

• To draw up its regulations on its organization and functioning.

.::. Legal basis (legal basis in Spanish and Basque)

The OVGB was initially created and governed by Provincial Decree 53/2003, of 18 March, published in the Bizkaia Official Gazette (BOG) on 1 April, 2003. Following this initial Decree, the observatory's make up was modified on a number of occasions in order to adapt to the changing structures of its constituent bodies. This in turn necessitated an updating of the legal regulations, which was carried out by Provincial Decree 188/2004, of 9 November, published in the BOG on 23 November 2004, and subsequently by Provincial Decree 5/2010, of 2 February, published in the BOG on 12 February 2010. Up until 2013, the observatory focused on three main fields: political, legal and social. That year, with the aim of incorporating the educational and health fields into its scope of activities, the legal regulations were modified once again by Provincial Decree 75/2013, of 21 May, published in the BOG on 27 may 2013. The most recent regulatory reform was carried out in 2016 by Provincial Decree 35/2016, of 1 March, published in the BOG on 4 March, 2016.

.::. Contact

Address: Alameda Mazarredo, 63, 3rd floor, 48009 Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain)
Phone: (0034) 94 415 09 76
Fax: (0034) 94 416 80 81
E-mail: ovgb.bgib@bizkaia.eus

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