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Cadastre of Biscay




The Bilbao office (Capuchinos de Basurto 4) will only process cadastral queries by prior appointment.


Bizkaia Cadastral Office
Prior Appointment

You can book an appointment at the Bilbao offices by calling 946 125 500 or by accessing Prior Appointment.

Prior Appointment

  • Graphic Navigation
  • VMA of Real Estate Properties
  • Cadastral Enquiry
  • Certificate Verification
  • Census Query - Cadastral Value
  • Download Cadastral Plot Map/WMS-WFS Services
  • Evaluation Proposal Consultation
  • Free Access Services
  • VMA of my Real Estate Properties
  • My real Estate Properties Cadastral Certification
  • Change of Ownership Application
  • My Telematic Files

For access to services that require user identification is necessary:

  • Digital Certificate
  • BizkaiBai Card

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