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The principal function of the Publications Unit, registered under the Cultural Promotion and Dissemination Section of the Cultural Action Service, is to edit the publications of the Provincial Council, as well as to carry out the Publications Plan and to annually prepare the catalogue of the Publications of the Provincial Council.

Within this Publications Unit the publishing agreements are prepared in respect of the books that are to be published and the technical condition specifications are also prepared for the contracting of the publishing services, in accordance with the final technical characteristics required by the works that are to be published.

Through this Unit all of the book publications of the Provincial Council of Biscay are released, and it is in permanent contact with the distributors of the publications, regarding the delivery thereof to the different points of sale.

The purpose of this Unit is to participate in all the forums that take place in the Historical Territory of Biscay related to books: Book Fair of Bilbao, Basque book and music fair of Durango (Basque Country), etc.

This Publications Unit is available to you for any type of query that you may wish to raise in respect of provincial council publications, as well as to respond to any requests that you may have.

Opening hours to the public
From 08.00 to 14.00 h.
Diputación 7, Bilbao
Telephone.: 94 4066968 - 94 4066969
Fax: 94 4068792

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