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Drug-addicts service


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What are the care programmes for drug users?

Social integration actions with regard to care programmes for drug users are mechanisms with primarily a psycho-social approach, aimed not at the treatment of a drug addiction but at the social labour integration of persons who are undergoing a programme to give up drug use, facilitated by official or approved entities.

What do these programmes provide?

Those who access these programmes will be provided with:

  1. Information and guidance on social resources and employment and training.
  2. Training activities, actions for the development of social skills and training in job search techniques.
  3. Accompaniment in the integration process.
  4. Psychotherapeutic support.

Who is eligible?

Those persons that meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be over 18 years and under 65 years of age.
  2. Must be registered on the census of any of the municipalities of the Historical Territory of Biscay or must have lodged a census registration application.
  3. Must be undergoing palliative treatment or treatment to give up drug use.

Where to apply?

Access to the mechanism is provided upon direct request from the user.

Entities holding a collaboration agreement:

  • Etorkintza Foundation. Pl. Zabalburu, nº 2 bis-1º. dcha. Bilbao 48008. Tel. 94.444.42.49
  • Gizakia Foundation. Avda. Madariaga nº 63. Bilbao 48014. Tel. 94.447.10.33

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